What to Look for When Hiring a Roofer in Wilmington, Delaware

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If you need any help in fixing, or replacing your Wilmington roof either for your home or commercial building, then you need to hire a Roofer or a Roofing Contractor. There are so many reasons for roof repair – it can either be because of wear and tear, or because of storm damage. Knowing why you need help is a good start in looking for a Delaware roofer, because you need to check what must be done first. Many roofers are self-employed while some are hired by an agency who concentrates in this particular field. Others have a special contract with your insurance company in cases of damage due to calamities. There are so many roofers in Delaware available for hire, who do you pick and trust for your roofing needs?

1. Do your own Research – Nothing beats you manually looking for the best fit roofer. There are so many roofers for hire on the internet, so it helps if you would filter your search to geographical location such as Delaware. You can also put keywords like affordable roofers’ or inexpensive roofers’ if you are on a tight budget. Once you have a list of potential roofers, start calling and asking for their packages. Don’t be scared to ask them questions because it is your roof’s home you’re trying to fix after all.

2. Check for a License – The first thing that you should look for in a roofer is their Business License. Licensed roofing contractors may pay a higher fee, but you are ensured that you get your money’s worth because they spent time studying to gain a certification. This means they worked hand in hand with a tenured roofer to get a deeper understanding of how this job works.

3. Ask for specifications – once you got that list of contractors, it’s time to ask for the specifics. How many are going on site? Will a supervisor go with them all the time, and who is it? How long will this project take? Are there any other things that must be done first before actually fixing the roof? Do they have insurance and what does the insurance cover? If you think you are satisfied with their answer, you’re on your way in getting your best fit roofer.

4. Call your Insurance Company – In case your reason for roofing repair or replacement is Mother Nature’s wrath, call your insurance company first and ask for a list of contractors that they accredit, and check your list if they have one that you personally did a background check on. If not, ask for other options or if they can reimburse your payment.

There are so many roofers that do Roofing Wilmington Delaware that you can choose from. Follow these tips and start making phone calls to get your best fit roofer.

Review of a Birmingham Roofing Contractor




It is quite hard to find reliable people to work on a building for you. This includes a good Birmingham roofing contractor who knows exactly what to do. But I managed to find a very good Birmingham roofing contractor crew who did all he could and my roof never looked better. My roof was badly damaged and I was afraid it will fall down and ruin the rest of the building. I needed a quick and permanent fix.

I was searching around to find a Birmingham roofing contractor that could come to my place and give me a quote. A few people came and went until I found the one to stick with. We Care Roofing arrived at my place and spent some time inspecting the roof in a lot of detail. He had a wide range of ideas and materials to make my roof outstanding and he also hung on every word that I said. He was friendly, informative and respected my choices even though his ideas were very tempting. I never felt as if We Care Roofing would go behind my back and do whatever he wanted, instead I felt like I was part of his crew.



An estimate of how much everything would cost and this includes materials and labor and I managed to get a good price and with years of experience from We Care Roofing I trusted my roof to be placed in his hands.  We Care Roofing and his team began work the next day (luckily) by replacing the panels of the damaged part of the roof. I was lucky that they had the exact roof panels in storage so that my entire roof did not need replacing, which of course he was willing to do it and could get a larger crew to help so it would be done well and quickly but I decided against it. It was tempting but was not needed and I wanted to keep the original design of the building for as long as I could which We Care Roofing respected. And the plus I did not have to wait for the materials to arrive.

We Care Roofing and team worked non-stop for a few hours but they were always friendly and professional. They measured everything to make sure that everything fitted well and that I would not have a repeat of my problems. Plus they also kept everything neat which I was glad about. I would recommend him to all my friends and my roof is still there which shows their handy work.


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