Dumbbells are the Best Equipment for Weight Training

25 Pound Dumbbells

The Best Exercises and Tips for Training with Dumbbells

Many would claim the Smith Machine is the best exercise equipment. Some would claim all the different cable machines, and others would claim the basic barbell is the best.

However, what if the dumbbell was the best? Would you believe it? Actually, most fitness experts believe the dumbbells are the best equipment to get in the best shape of your life. Besides being the “cheapest” gym equipment they can be superior to most types of different weight training.


Dumbbells and Cardio


Dumbbells for Cardio?

Did your ears hear right? Dumbbells can be used for an intense cardio workout? Yes, your ears are working just fine.


If you stick to using lighter dumbbells but increase the number of repetitions as well as the speed of the repetitions, you can hit a cardio heart rate. Once you hit your target heart rate, don’t stop, don’t slow down too much as you move from exercise to exercise and from set to set. This will combine weight training with the benefit of cardio which will boost metabolism and increase fat loss.


Not to mention, moving at a faster pace will make your gym workout go faster, so you will save a ton of time in your day. The key is to keep an optimal heart rate, so we suggest using a heart rate sensor. They can be as cheap as $30. Many would not believe when we tell them that a good dumbbell routine with 25 pound dumbbells is as good as running. You can easily burn up to 600 calories with a good dumbbell workout routine.


Dumbells and Muscle Mass


Dumbbells to Gain Muscle Mass


Your eyes kind of glaze over when you see the 100 pound dumbbells but as you might already know, dumbbells are not the “sissy” workout tools.


Dumbbells make the person use better form, and since you hold a dumbbell in each hand, you work each arm separately. This alone makes dumbbells superior to other types of weight lifting equipment. Not to mention dumbbells require you to focus more.


When using a barbell or a cable machine your mind my wander to do the ease of the movement, but with dumbbells, you feel the weight impacting on your arms and you get a feel for the correct form.


If you are strength training and need to bench 250+ pounds, you might have a problem since they don’t make dumbbells that large, however, 98% of gym goes can do every exercise with dumbbells.



Dumbbells Make Workouts Easier

Can dumbbells actually improve motivation to workout? Well, ask yourself this question, “How quickly can you do a set with dumbbells compared to other pieces of equipment?” If you have dumbbells at home you can do bicep curls while watching your favorite late-night TV Show. You can’t do that with a barbell bench press or cable machine (unless you’re single and have that type of equipment in your family room).


How about at the gym? For barbell benches and cable machines you might have to wait for someone to finish their workout before you can get on it. However, with dumbbells you pretty much never have to wait. Dumbbells are easy to store at home and easy to do quick workouts as compared to a smith machine or other cable machines.




Dumbbells are Cheap


A good bench and a few sets of dumbbells won’t cost you more than $160. If you can find a good used set, you might be able to find some for free. Your dumbbells don’t need to be fancy. All you need to get in the best shape of your life is a few sets of dumbbells.