Plumbing is often the last thing on an office manager’s mind. If we are honest, it probably isn’t there at all. A leaking or burst pipe, sadly, can be just as disruptive as under-performing employees; maybe even more disruptive. An excellent way to avoid having to worry about pipes is to have them fixed. So, when should you consider having pipe relining done?

Leaking and burst pipes

When pipes corrode from the inside, they eventually eat into the outside layer of the pipe leading to leaks. Leaking pipes left unchecked can lead to all sorts of expensive repairs such as ceiling and flooring replacements. Burst pipes aren’t any better. Corrosion of your pipes may cause the accumulation of mineral deposits in your system that increases the pressure in your pipes. This pressure build up is responsible for a lot of bursting pipes. Pipe relining offers a straightforward and quick solution to this problem.

Low water pressure

A common sign trouble with your plumbing system has to with the pressure at which your water flows. Corrosion in your pipes and leaks in your system have the effect of low pressure in the flow of water. Low pressure is a sign that your pipes may be in a poor state and could use some pipe relining.

Uneven water pressure distribution

When the zinc layer coating galvanized pipes eventually wears out, your pipes begin to corrode at different rates. Uneven corrosion may lead to some taps releasing water at a higher pressure than others on the same floor of a building. This is a clear sign that your pipes are starting to give in. Pipe relining can help limit your waters exposure to rust and improving the strength of old pipe systems.

When you see discolored water

Severe rust in your pipes can turn your water brown. Water discoloration happens when the Iron in your pipes is released into the water. Rust eventually leads to leaking and other problems that can be solved through relining your pipes.

If you have Lead pipes

Lead pipes were the norm in most buildings built before the 1920s. Unfortunately, lead in water may result in severe health problems like heart failure, kidney failure, and reproductive issues in both men and women. It is advisable to deal with lead pipes immediately. While replacing your plumbing system entirely can be costly affair, pipe relining offers a cheaper and faster alternative. Relining technology reduces exposure of water to lead pipes thus reducing their risk.

During renovations

A perfect time to consider pipe relining is when you already have scheduled improvements for your office or just before you move into a new office. Relining pipes during other scheduled renovation will limit disruption to your business and save you the trouble of having to deal with leaks, burst pipes and clogging in the future.

Replacing your entire piping system can get quite expensive when you consider the cost of repairing dry walls and broken ceilings. Pipe relining is not only reliable for decades but is also a fast solution to both simple and complicated plumbing repairs.