6 Tips On Preparing For An Acting Audition





If you’re a budding actor/actress, you’ll have to face many acting auditions to climb up the ladder. Producers and directors will microscope-observe your performance, therefore, acting auditions can really be stressful. Though preparation for an audition is intimidating, it can slash down your audition stress and distractions; therefore, gearing you up for giving your best.
Here, I give you a few tips to prepare for an audition, let’s go:

(1) Be Confident

I know it’s easier said than done. But without confident body language and behavior; you won’t make much progress in the eyes of directors and producers. Even fake confidence will do. Here are a few things you can follow to keep your confidence up:

– Hold your head high- Hold a smile- Don’t fidget, move conveniently- Eye contact thoroughly

(2) Research About The Judges

Get to know the people at the other side of the table. That way, you understand what they’re actually looking for, therefore, can focus your best at that. From small talk to heart of the performance, you can take wise decisions if you do extensive research.

(3) Forget About Apologizing

If you think apologizing is a good option if you mess up; then hold on. Apologizing voices your insecurity. You’re showcasing a fraction of your ability in a few minutes and if that’s filled with uncertainty, you’ll not have a positive impression. Instead, move on whenever you mess up and show your other abilities; make your every second count.

(4) Bring Relevant Audition Items

Auditioning as a princess? Bring a crown and a glowing dress.
Auditioning as a witch? Bring a broom and a magic wand.
Auditioning as a zombie? Bring a zombie costume.
You get my point.

(5) Practice, Practice, Practice

Nothing beats practice to gear you up for acting auditions. A comedy, a drama, you can perfect everything through practice. To get real-time acting audition experience, arrange a crowd – practicing in front of a camera, pet or friend is very effective.

(6) Warm Up Physically Before Entering The Acting Audition

Physical exertion clears your mind to sharpen your focus. It removes insecurities, vague and negative thinking and boosts your confidence, therefore, 20-30 minutes of moderate exercise before heading over to the acting auditions can do wonders.

To Sum It Up

The more auditions you’ll give, the more you’ll learn, the comfortable you’ll be with it. Remember that audition is an opportunity, not a threat. Embrace this opportunity, and if you’re good enough, you will satisfy the judges and your time will come.