The New Old Age: No Excuses, People: Get the New Shingles Vaccine

Shingrix, which begins shipping this month, is far more effective than the previous shingles shot. Experts recommend it for everyone over age 50.

‘Morning Joe’s’ Mika and Joe’s star-studded engagement party included Trump imitator

“Morning Joe” hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough’s star-studded engagement party Thursday included an appearance from a President Trump impersonator.

Richard Dreyfuss is accused of exposing himself to writer

Richard Dreyfuss, who recently came out in support of his son’s groping allegation against Kevin Spacey, has been accused of exposing himself to an Los Angeles-based writer in the 1980s.

The Interpreter: What Explains U.S. Mass Shootings? International Comparisons Suggest an Answer

Americans advance a lot of theories for why they have so many more gun deaths than other countries do. The answer is lying in plain sight.

Lessons From Hurricane Harvey: Houston’s Struggle Is America’s Tale

The Texas city’s response to a powerful storm says much about polarized visions of the country and diverging attitudes toward cities, race, liberty and science.

Frustration sets in after coal mine health study suspended

Some people living near mountaintop coal mines in West Virginia are frustrated the Trump administration has suspended the latest federal study on the health impact of surface mining in Appalachia

Steven Seagal accused of telling actress to sit on his face in 1991

Former action star Steven Seagal is being accused by an unnamed Hollywood executive for sexually harassing her on the set of his 1991 movie, “Out for Justice,” Page Six reported Friday.

Gal Gadot won’t make ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel unless Brett Ratner is out

“Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot is continuing to battle accused Hollywood sexual harasser Brett Ratner by refusing to sign for a super­hero sequel unless the movie-maker is completely killed from the franchise.

How Corporations and the Wealthy Avoid Taxes (and How to Stop Them)

The Paradise Papers confirm what we already know: Many are not paying their fair share. Here’s how they get away with it.

Trump Says Putin ‘Means It’ About Not Meddling

President Trump said, “Every time he sees me he says, ‘I didn’t do that,’ and I really believe that when he tells me that, he means it.”